About LowCostHamradio.com

Amateur radio should not be an hobby for the rich people!
In recent years, however, we have witnessed increased equipment costs which can dissuade a lot of people, especially young people from becoming amateur radio.
This is insane for the wealth of the entire community.
LowCostHamradio.com doesn’t want a muscle hobby where the rich race to get more and more KW to overcome others.
For us, Hamradio must remain a popular hobby with space for the excellence of the most expansive radios, but where the vast majority of the novices can afford a radio, having fun and experimenting the joy to be in a worldwide community like amateur radio fellowship.

In this website we will list and review low cost radios with affordable price to incentivize Hamradio development and knocking down the walls that can dissuade the birth of new amateur radio operators, specially in developing Countries.

This site is not related to the theory about a sustainable degrowth, we just love a fully accessible hobby for everyone.

Because the joy to be hamradio should not be proportional to the money you spend.



All the ICOM’s radio reviews available for the moment


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All the BaoFeng’s radio reviews available for the moment:


All the Xiegu’s radio reviews available for the moment: