Xiegu XPA125

Discover the Xiegu XPA125 HF Radio Power Amplifier 125W QRP ALC LC Automatic Antenna Tuner Function 1.8-30M with our independent review.
Xiegu XPA125 is the brand new amplifier by Xiegu. The XPA125 is arrived on the hamradio market with a built-in antenna tuner and it can reach the output till 125W. Xiegu XPA125 features temperature protection, overcurrent protection, input and output detection, high and low level selectable, PA/ATU can be switched.

Xiegu XPA125 combines the best performances with the Xiegu 108G or the Xiegu X5105 transceivers.

Unboxing the Xiegu XPA125

When we received our box with the Xiegu XPA125 we find inside:

  • Q.ty 1 Xiegu XPA125 HF Power Amplifier (equipment)
  • Q.ty 1 Power Supply Cable
  • Q.ty 1 Communication Cable
  • Q.ty 1 Data Cable
  • Q.ty 1 Using Manual

Xiegu XPA125: frontiline

Xiegu XPA125: download the user manual

Download the Xiegu XPA125 instruction manual and check all the specification.
The user manual is simple and pretty complete but if you are used to Japanese radios, you will find it to simple and not really complete.

Xiegu XPA125 features list

Xiegu XPA125 QRP ALC Antenna TunerBuilt in 125W solid state power amplifier, automatic antenna tuner
Auto tuning function, precise and fast
Harmonic suppression 39dB
Input/output protection function
Active/passive heat radiation design
Compact size, easy to carry
The maximum output power can be automatically constant (only for X108G and X5105) because if Xiegu XPA125 works with Xiegu 108G or X5105, the band and launch automatic control can be achieved with the AlC function.
Protection function, including inputs and outputs, over-current, over-temperature
XPA125 has a perfect external interface, it can be connected with other QRP models to active power amplification effect.

Additional functions of XIEGU XPA125

  • PA function
  • Band set function: can set the LPF band and working mode
  • ATU function
  • Switch machine function
  • Remove the protection function
  • Force tuning function
  • Screen display

Specifications of the Xiegu XPA125

Technology Parameters of Power Amplification:

  • Amplified Frequency Range: 0.5~50MHz
  • Maximum Output Power: 125W
  • Maximum Operating Ambient Temperature: 55℃
  • Whole Gain: 13dB (+ 2dB)
  • Working Voltage: DC 12~14.5V
  • Current Parameter: position in readiness @Max 550mA
  • Emission Current 30A@Max
  • ATU Basic Parameter: Tuning Frequency Range: 1.8M~30M
  • Maximum Tuning Range: 14Ω~500Ω
  • Size & Weight:
  • Overall Size: 260*150*100(mm) [do not include knob, handle and other prominent]
  • Weight:3.3 Kg

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The perfect radio for this amplifier is the Xiegu X-108G. Read our review or download the technical specifications from Amazon.