The Xiegu X-108G is a cheap HF QRP. We used the Xiegu X-108G on both CW and SSB. The filtering system works pretty well even in CW and all the radio report we received were good or great.
We had a problem of configuration and the support via email was prompt to reply us.

We were apprehensive about buying the Xiegu X-108G but after several weeks of extensive reading and research we ordered one from Amazon.
Most of the negative comments you read on the internet are old with and they are referred to the earlier versions and don’t apply to the brand new X-108G “outdoor” radio.
With this hamradio RTX you will experiment what is happening when the producer wants really to listen the end user: the evolution of the products is a bright success.
Xiegu have really come a long way from their X1M model just for this reason.

Xiegu X-108G on our table

Xiegu X-108G is a outdoor RTX version, the natural evolution of the Xiegu X108. This upgraded version by Xiegu is a single-conversion HF transceiver. In particular to optimize the receive channel, it has a lower local noise and higher signal to noise ratio, up 0.25uV & 12dB;
The Xiegu X-108G arrives standard with a 2.4kHz SSB and CW filter 500Hz narrow-band filter. Filtering funcions are simply terrific that dramatically improves the overall performance of this tiny radio.
The machine has a large dynamic range AGC control, so Xiegu X-108G when receiving various signals appear responding pretty well without saturation.
In addition, also has S meter, power meter standing, NB capabilities, are available in the standars configuration.

Xiegu X-108G outdoor version is equipped with a bright colored OLED screen, which allows the hamradio operator to clear outdoor viewing frequency displayed on the screen when you use.
Xiegu X-108G is polished. The custom case is nice and the OLED display has an easy interface with a fancy style.

Look at the Xiegu X-108G in action

Enjoy a short clip of the updated Xiegu X-108G operating over the 20 meters band.
Note the amazing improvement on the RX. It is far better as this video shows even without preamplifier, the S meter seems to work fine.

PROs of XIEGU X-108G

  • Out tests with Xiegu X-108G highlighting a pretty good receiving audio
  • It is equipped with 6.0/ 2.4 & 0.5 khz filters
  • A built-in speech compressor s mounted
  • Ready for CW with the built-in keyer
  • A very light weight
  • A clear LCD monitor really bright
  • The maximum power output is 20W more than the QRP standard
  • Despite what you can think the settings are really intuitive
  • The microphone is equipped with a useful remote control
  • The internal speaker is not bad at all

CONs of XIEGU X-108G

  • The function F1 is a plastic button
  • The case has no support equipment
  • The power cord-cable has no fuse and is very thin (7 Ampere)
  • The Accessory port connections have limited use
  • Not easy to connect to a common power amplifier

As usual we did the order of this kind of equipment using Amazon. Because there is no choice, buying a Chinese electronic radio is a roulette and nobody wants problems. Amazon is taking care of all the problems with a phone call. So for us, this is the best choice.
Unboxing XIEGU X-108G

Basic parameter to evaluate the Xiegu X-108G

The frequency range of the receiver embedded on the Xiegu X-108 has a frequency range 0.5 ~ 30MHz. And the TX emissions is on all amateur radio bands
Work mode: AM (A3E), SSB (J3E) and CW (A1A)
The minimum frequency step is of 1Hz and the antenna is 50Ω
Operating temperature range: -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Frequency stability: ± 0.5ppm @ boot 5 minutes, -10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃
Operating voltage: 12 ~ 14.5V DC
Current parameters: reception 600mAMax (Emission 7.5AMax)
Machine size: 120 * 45 * 180 (mm) [not including knobs, handles, and other prominent]

Comparisons: XIEGU X-108G vs YAESU FT-817ND

K9ARV is testing the receiver differences between the XIEGU X-108G and the Yaesu FT-817ND. Enjoy this video and have a look about a very interesting comparison.

VK3TWO has shooted his comparison of the Xiegu X108G HF QRP Transceiver with Yaesu FT-817, Xiegu X1M Pro, Elecraft KX-3, Icom IC-7000. A very complete comparison with several famous and well-known radios.

Why purchasing from Amazon the XIEGU X-108G is convenient

The first reason why we suggest you to buy your XIEGU X-108G from Amazon is surely the economic savings. XIEGU X-108G are often on offer on Amazon. Already the price is usually convenient but for Amazon’s commercial policies you will often find several amateur radio transceiver with significant discounts (do not believe me? Try it yourself.)
Buy Xiegu X-108GThe second reason is that Amazon loves to delights the customers. Amazon is a store where the consumer is always treated with gloves: whatever happens to the goods you will always have a person on the other hand able to help you with professionalism and courtesy. Amazon will never abandon you in the midst of a problem and you will always find a solution if your XIEGU X-108G is arrived damaged or if you made a mistake ordering something.
Delivery is punctual, tracked and you can ship the XIEGU at home, office or mail box. We do not know you, but we are always at work and we always are not at home to receive the goods.
The convenience of getting the goods where you want is undoubtedly one of the greatest support Amazon has to offer to you.
And what if things really go wrong? Should I find out that you bought the wrong radio or the wrong accessories for your XIEGU X-108G? Amazon warrants free refund for any reason, within 30 days.
You can return the XIEGU X-108G you have mistakenly purchased without having to give any explanation. You will not have to justify it for any reason.
Finally, Amazon offers the free shipping: if you spend more than few dollars, and with the XIEGU X-108G plus few accessories you will have zero problems. In fact you amateur radio surely costs more than this limit unless you just take one of those terrific deals you can not say no. But in that case, saving would be anyway.

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